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August 9, 2023
Win the all-new EDGE PRO

EDGE PRO is built with industry-first technologies to make the camera smarter in the field, from setup to download. Head to the pinned posts on our Facebook and Instagram or fill out the form below to be 1 of 2 winners of the all-new EDGE PRO by Moultrie Mobile! Giveaway ends August 22, 2023.


September 12, 2023
How to Make a Juicy Venison Burger

Do you avoid making venison burgers because they lack flavor and turn out dry? Then try this traditional and smash-burger recipes! We’ll teach you the tips and tricks to create the ultimate juicy and flavorful venison burger.


July 27, 2023
Venison Salisbury Steaks with Mushroom Gravy

This Salisbury recipe involves making seasoned venison patties and then crafting a delicious mushroom gravy to pour over top. The beauty of this recipe is that it’s made with mostly pantry staples, which makes it easy to put together on a busy night.


June 30, 2023
Reverse Seared Venison Backstrap

The process is exactly as it sounds. It flips the traditional way to cook steaks. The reverse sear method prevents accidental overcooking and creates an even amount of doneness throughout a steak.


April 19, 2023
Wild Turkey Parmesan Sandwiches

If you love chicken Parmesan, you will definitely want to try this spin on the classic
Italian dish — using wild turkey! It works well for weekend lunches or even a weeknight meal in a pinch.


March 17, 2023
Scout Faster With Turkey Smart Tags

We love seeing trail-camera pictures of big bucks, but when the antlers drop and the gobblers start strutting, we only want turkey pictures. Find out how to see only turkey pics in the Moultrie Mobile app with turkey Smart Tags.


February 14, 2023
Chorizo Inspired Breakfast Tacos

Chorizo is traditionally a highly seasoned pork sausage that is very popular in both Mexican and Spanish cooking. However, it works well with venison, wild hog, or virtually any other game meat.

Why Are Controlled Burns Good


February 13, 2023
Why Are Controlled Burns Good?

Controlled burns or prescribed fire are used to help preserve and restore different habitats. Learn more here about how you can safely conduct a controlled burn in your backyard or hunting property.