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March 27, 2024
Six Weird Facts About Turkeys 

Wild turkeys are among America’s most hunted and popular game birds, tucking in with pheasants and waterfowl as the Birding Big 3. Turkeys and turkey hunters have some quirks that make hunting them more fun. 

Edge Camera


February 2, 2024
Trail Cameras and Science

Learn how trail cameras help conservation groups study and manage wildlife and human interactions along the Wasatch Mountains outside of Salt Lake City.


November 29, 2023
Honey Bourbon Venison Backstrap

Nothing beats a perfectly cooked venison backstrap, but marinated and glazed in this delicious honey bourbon sauce certainly takes things to the next level.


October 30, 2023
Venison Stuffed Mushrooms

Look no further for the perfect venison appetizer. These mushrooms are packed with a flavorful creamy venison spinach filling that will have your guest begging for the recipe!


September 28, 2023
Venison Salisbury Steaks with Mushroom Gravy

This Salisbury recipe involves making seasoned venison patties and then crafting a delicious mushroom gravy to pour over top. The beauty of this recipe is that it’s made with mostly pantry staples, which makes it easy to put together on a busy night.


September 28, 2023
Reverse Seared Venison Backstrap

The process is exactly as it sounds. It flips the traditional way to cook steaks. The reverse sear method prevents accidental overcooking and creates an even amount of doneness throughout a steak.