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MeatEater Announces Moultrie Mobile As Official Trail Camera Partner

MeatEater, one of America’s top brands in outdoor media and consumer products, announced the Official MeatEater Partnership Program, designed to elevate the relationship between MeatEater and Moultrie Mobile while being aligned with MeatEater’s mission to bring Americans closer to nature. Moultrie Mobile will be integrated across MeatEater’s video, website, marketing, and events.

As the official trail camera partner of the MeatEater crew, Moultrie Mobile will offer a unique line of its innovative cellular trail cameras in collaboration with MeatEater, which will be available at and in MeatEater’s flagship retail store in Bozeman, MT. As a part of their participation in the Official MeatEater Partnership program, Moultrie Mobile will also serve as the presenting sponsor of future MeatEater content, including a new Whitetail 101 series featuring Wired to Hunt’s Mark Keyon and Tony Peterson. Throughout the series, viewers will be able to learn tips, tricks and best practices for incorporating cellular trail cameras and the feature-rich Moultrie Mobile App into their scouting and hunting efforts.

“MeatEater is the pinnacle of outdoor media because they connect with their audience in a real and genuine way,” says Daniel Wilson, Moultrie Mobile’s General Manager. “They could have partnered with anyone, but they chose Moultrie Mobile because we are the leader in cellular trail camera innovation. Moultrie Mobile is excited to partner and grow with the MeatEater team.”

Moultrie is trailblazing the path in the hunt-connected ecosystem with its reliable and trusted cellular trail cameras, connected feeders, and powerful app. Moultrie Mobile doesn’t just deliver images, it delivers the intel hunters need.

“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Moultrie Mobile to the MeatEater family,” says Andrew Barge, MeatEater’s Chief Content Officer. “The multitude of shared values between our organizations — product innovation, customer service, and commitment to conservation, to name a few — provide an excellent foundation for success. From content to commerce collaborations, we look forward to a strong partnership for years to come.”

To celebrate our new partnership with MeatEater, we are excited to announce a giveaway. Twenty-five lucky winners will receive Steven Rinella’s NYT Best Seller Cookbook: The MeatEater Outdoor Cookbook and a Moultrie Mobile EDGE Cellular Trail Cam. The giveaway will be open from May 31sth to June 10th. For all the details on how to enter, please visit our Instagram or Facebook.

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