Remote Game Feeder Management for All Major Feeder Brands


How many times have you gone to check your deer feeder only to realize that your feeder was jammed, your batteries were dead, or your feeder was completely out of feed, with no way of knowing how long it’s been empty?

Feed Hub Gives Hunters Peace of Mind

Know that your feeder is operating as expected, and receive alerts when it’s time to plan a trip to refill. Feed Hub’s universal design means it will work with any major brand of feeders.

Remotely set and adjust feed times, days, and feed cycle duration through the app.

Save time and money by being able to remotely see your feed level and battery levels of the feeder components. Be better prepared to visit the feeder for feed replenishment and/or battery replacement when necessary.

Dispense feed on demand from the app to test the feeder or put feed on the ground before/ during a hunt.

feed hub remote feeder control
The 3 Part System

1. Feed Level Detector

Mounted in the top of the feeder, the Feed Level Detector measures remaining feed in the hopper and communicates the reading to the Cellular Timer.

2. Cellular Timer

The Timer is installed in the feeder kit, replacing any standard digital timer. It communicates readings and settings to and from the app.

3. Moultrie Mobile App

Easily activate and manage Feed Hub™ with an annual subscription plan. Remotely check levels, adjust your feeder schedule, or dispense feed on demand.

Compatible with All Major Spin Cast Feeders
Feed Hub™ by Moultrie Mobile
MSRP $99.99 Available Fall 2023 (plus $49.99 annual or $6.99 monthly subscription plan)

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