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10W Universal Solar Power Pack

10W Universal Solar Power Pack


Ditch battery changes with the 10W UNIVERSAL SOLAR POWER PACK. Highly efficient, up to 8x power, high-capacity power bank, and works in partial shade. Includes components to work with all major brand cameras and feeders. Eliminate power interruptions and minimize trips to your cameras and feeders.

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Product Overview

Introducing the Moultrie Mobile® 10W UNIVERSAL SOLAR POWER PACK — the ultimate power solution for both trail cameras and feeders — designed to elevate your outdoor experience like never before. The 10W UNIVERSAL SOLAR POWER PACK is a game-changer, providing up to 8x more power than standard solar panels, ensuring your devices stay charged and ready to capture every wildlife moment. Say goodbye to power worries! This truly universal option guarantees fast power replenishment, keeping your trail cameras and feeders running at peak performance. Even on overcast winter days, you can rely on the built-in 15,000mAh rechargeable battery capacity to provide consistent power to your devices. Thanks to the multiple connectors that toggle between 6V and 12V outputs, this solar panel is compatible with most trail cameras and feeder kits on the market. Experience the convenience of a single solar panel that can power various devices, saving you time and effort.

Built to withstand the elements, it features automotive-grade sheathed cables and an IP65-rated water-resistant design, ensuring durability and longevity even in harsh outdoor conditions. You can trust the robust construction to handle the challenges of the wild. With a larger panel and increased shade tolerance, it provides unmatched power and efficiency, allowing you to capture more wildlife moments without worrying about battery life. Installation is a breeze with the flex mount and tree strap included with the solar panel. Its cord-retaining clip prevents unintended disconnection, keeping your devices powered without interruptions. For added versatility, the panel is 1/4″-20 mount compatible, giving you multiple options for installation.


  • Universal Design – Multiple connectors included
  • Toggle between 6V and 12V output
  • Works with nearly any camera or feeder kit model.
  • Built-in Power Bank – Stores enough power to last approximately 4+ weeks of overcast days based on average usage.*

    • *Average usage: 42 images per day: immediate mode – 50% day/50% night.
  • Durable and Dependable – Automotive-grade sheathed cables with P65 water-resistant housing, plus armored, varmint-resistant cables, are designed to withstand the elements.
  • Automotive-grade sheathed cables
  • IP65 water-resistant design
  • Built-in cable management channel prevents unplugging
  • ¼”-20 mount compatible
  • Up to 60% larger solar panel than standard solar solutions for faster replenishment with improved shade tolerance
  • 15,000mAh built-in rechargeable battery capacity to get you through the cloudy, overcast days
  • Dimensions: 9.69″ x 11.13″ x 2.875″
  • Weight: 2lb 4oz


  • Connection cable with elbow jacks
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Barrel jack adapter (only needed for some camera brands)
  • Alligator clip adapter (for feeders)
  • Mounting accessories: Flex Mount, Tree Strap, and U-bolt
  • Quick Start Guide