Moultrie Cellular Trail Camera posted on beam for securityMoultrie Cellular Trail Camera posted on beam for security

A Robust Security System at Your Fingertips

From property surveillance to job site security, Moultrie Mobile cellular trail cameras give you remote monitoring capabilities at an affordable price.

An All-in-one Remote Monitoring Solution

Our cellular trail camera and app work together to bring you advanced security technology in one, simple solution.

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    Wireless Security

    Moultrie Mobile’s cellular trail cameras run on AA batteries, solar panels, or rechargeable battery packs and send high-resolution images and video directly to the Moultrie Mobile App. This is a plus in remote locations where electrical outlets and Wi-Fi may not be available.

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    Advanced Image Recognition

    Using AI technology, Moultrie Mobile automatically adds SmartTags to images that contain people and vehicles so that you can be alerted right away.

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    24/7 Remote Monitoring

    Our cellular trail cameras are always on to bring you high-resolution footage no matter the time of day.

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    Night-time Performance

    With an 80’ detection range and invisible flash, your trail camera will capture the footage you need even in the darkest hours of night.

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    Enhanced Battery Life

    Perfect for remote monitoring, our cellular trail camera now has a 50% longer battery life, meaning less trips to change out batteries.

Brown house in the middle of field Brown house in middle of field

Very pleased with the photos I get from these cameras. In the off season I use them as security cameras around my property. Also, Moultrie Mobile customer service is first rate.

Raymond F.
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Guard Your Land

Keeping track of your property is hard, especially when it’s towns or states away. Remotely monitoring your land with a Moultrie Mobile cellular trail camera can save you multiple trips and help put your mind at ease.

Man putting a trail camera high up on a beam
Survey Your Sites

Construction sites are often the target for vandalism and theft and it can be difficult to keep track of these areas after hours. With Moultrie Mobile cellular trail cameras, it’s easy to keep an eye on your job sites anytime, anywhere. It also makes it possible to track material deliveries and site progress.

Lake with docks and boats next to houses
Protect Your Investments

It can feel uneasy to park your RV or dock your boat in a place where you can’t keep a close watch. Moultrie Mobile cellular trail cameras are compact, portable and easy to hide, allowing you to place one anywhere you need to monitor your investments from afar.

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