Cellular trail camera strapped to tree Solar panel battery for cellular trial camera

Supercharge your Moultrie Mobile Cellular Trail Camera System With Accessories

Get Started With The Essentials

Required for Installation

Batteries for cellular trail cameras

Alkaline Batteries AA (16 Pack)


Both Delta and Delta Base require 12 AA batteries to operate and our alkaline AA batteries are made to the highest industry standards. For a longer, stronger battery life, we highly recommend lithium batteries for peak camera performance and enhanced nighttime images.

Required for Installation

SD cards for cellular trail cameras

SD Cards


Tested for the utmost in reliability and performance with Moultrie Mobile cameras.

Extend your Battery Life With External Power Accessories

12v dual battery box for cellular trail cameras

12V Dual Solar Power Box


Extend your camera’s battery life with the 12-volt rechargeable Dual Solar Battery Box. Dual solar panels offer a fast charge even in areas with moderate sunlight.

Moultrie 12V Camera Power Panel


The Camera Power Panel harnesses the sun’s energy with its solar panel, while an integrated 12-volt lithium battery stores the energy for use by your Moultrie camera. The Power Panel can extend your camera’s battery life for more than 2 years!

Mounting Accessories

Mount for cellular trail camera

Camera Multi-Mount


Easily attach your trail cameras to trees, posts, poles, and walls! In areas without dense forestry, you’ll get the flexibility you need to mount your camera anywhere.

Camera straps for cellular trail cameras

Camera Mount Straps (2 Pack)


Secure your camera and start scouting with durable nylon straps equipped with a heavy-duty claw clip.

Tree mounts for cellular trail camera

EZ Tree Mount (3 Pack)


Weather-resistant, all-steel tree mounts let you quickly and easily set up 3 different trail cameras in your hunting area. Ideal for large trees and adjustable for any angle.

Stake for cellular trail camera

Universal Camera Stake


No trees or poles? No problem. Our Universal Camera Stake lets you set up your game camera virtually anywhere.

Replacement Parts

Moultrie Mobile Delta Cellboost Antenna

Moultrie Mobile Delta Cellboost™ Antenna


Replacement part for lost or damaged antenna for your Moultrie Mobile Delta Cellular Trail Camera only.

Secure Your Camera
Locking cable for cellular trail camera

Python Adjustable Locking Cable


Securely lock your Moultrie Game Cameras to nearly any tree with our adjustable, strong braided steel cord.

Yellow notice signs for Moultrie camera monitoring for properties

Camera Surveillance Signs (3 Pack)


Keep folks honest and let them know that your property is monitored by Moultrie Cameras.

Moultrie Mobile Cellular Camera Security Box


Leave your Moultrie Mobile cellular camera out in the field without worrying about it being stolen or tampered with by curious animals. Made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel; this security box is padlock, python cable & power accessories compatible (sold separately). Plus, it will not interfere with your cameras cellular reception! Lag bolt mounting hardware included. Compatible with Moultrie Mobile Exo and Delta BASE cameras.

Store & Carry
Cellular trail camera bag

Quick Camera Bag


When you’re on the move, the Moultrie Quick Camera Bag holds your scouting essentials. Pack up to 3 cameras and easily store your SD cards, batteries, and accessories.

Field bag for cellular trail camera

Camera Field Bag


Bring everything you need to set up or check on your camera in one robust bag. Carry up to 6 cameras, with enough room to store your batteries, tree-mounting straps, and more.

SD card holder case

SD Soft Card Case


Keep your cards safe and organized with a durable, padded case. You’ll be able to easily store up to 20 SD Cards.