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Edge Series Battery Tray

Edge Series Battery Tray


Be ready for battery changes with an extra EDGE Series BATTERY TRAY. Quickly swap batteries in the field and keep your camera going—load 8 or 16 AAs for double battery life. The tray can also replace lost or damaged ones.

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Product Overview

Ensure that dead batteries never prevent you from capturing a perfect shot on your EDGE Series trail camera. Always be prepared by preloading an extra BATTERY TRAY. With an additional tray, you can quickly swap out batteries in the field and keep your EDGE Series camera running. Load it with 8 AAs for standard operation or 16 AAs to double your battery life. This tray can also replace a lost or damaged BATTERY TRAY.


  • Compatible with EDGE Series trail cameras
  • Holds 8 or 16 AAs
  • Fill one side completely before loading batteries into the other side
  • Insert BATTERY TRAY into the camera with orange gasket facing out, and battery instructions on the left side.
  • Dimensions:  5 1/8″ x 3 1/4″ x 2″