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As faster and more reliable cellular connectivity continues to roll out across the country, providers are forced to free up bandwidth on their networks for the higher-demand services. To make room for the faster technology, Verizon will turn off its 3G network starting at the end of 2022.

The Moultrie Mobile MV1 Field Modem currently operates on the Verizon 3G network to deliver images to the Moultrie Mobile app. As Verizon begins turning off 3G towers, the MV1 modem will no longer be able to transmit images to the app. MV2 and MA2 Field Modems will be unaffected by this change as they run on 4G networks.  While you will still have access to all images that have already uploaded to your account, you should upgrade now to avoid any potential service gaps. Fortunately, Moultrie Mobile offers several great cellular trail cameras that operate on the 4G network.

The Edge
Meet the Edge: the easy-to-use, feature-packed cellular trail camera from Moultrie Mobile that automatically detects and connects to the strongest signal from multiple nationwide networks using Auto Connect technology. The Edge is the next generation of cellular trail camera technology, providing unrivaled ease-of-use and engineered to deliver industry-best image quality, cellular connectivity, and battery life. The Edge sells for $99.99.

Check out all of the new Moultrie Mobile cellular cameras today.

Learn more about nationwide 3G sunsetting.

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