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Even though hunting season is over, the off-season provides many opportunities to prepare for the next season, especially if you’re using trail cameras. These cameras can give you a lot of information about the bucks in your area that you can use to have a great season next year.

Let’s take a look at how you can best use your postseason trail cameras for next season’s success.

1. Finding Bucks in the Area and Identifying Routes

As hunting season winds down, bucks will be focused on feeding. You can use trail cameras for the off-season to monitor which buck made it through the season, where it feeds and its patterns. It might be wise to put these cameras in agricultural fields, oak flats, late-dropping fruit trees, feeders, food plots, or wherever local deer are feeding.

2. Scouting in the Off-Season

You can set these trail cameras for scouting along with pinch points. Food sources, bedding trails, and field edges will give you the best opportunities to learn more about the bucks’ routines and patterns in the off-season.

You can also use them to look for other game, like turkey, bear, fox, and coyotes. As it gets closer to turkey hunting season in the spring, you’ll want to have as much information about their habits and day-to-day movements as you can.

These Cameras Can Provide Information That Serious Shed Hunters Need To Develop Strong Shed Hunting Tactics

3. Shed Hunting

These cameras can provide information that serious shed hunters need to develop strong shed hunting tactics. You will be the first to see when the buck you’re following has dropped its antlers so you can be the first in the field to collect them.

4. Securing Your Property

If you own land, trespassers can be a big worry during any time of the year. Using postseason trail cameras can help you catch trespassers and protect your property. Try placing the cameras out of the line of sight, such as high in a tree pointing down.

Cellular trail cameras are extremely useful as they can instantly send images and videos to your phone, so you will always know what’s going on.

Buy a Trail Camera for the Off-Season Today

Ready to make the most of your off-season with trail cameras? Moultrie Mobile offers high-quality, reliable cellular trail cameras for scouting in the off-season. With our innovative technology, you can scout your bucks and watch for trespassers right from your phone.

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