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Common Cellular Trail Camera Mistakes and Fixes

Cellular trail cameras are vital hunting tools. They allow you to monitor your hunting location remotely, helping you scout more effectively.

Setting up your trail camera may seem simple enough, but it’s easy to make a mistake. Here are some of the most common cellular trail camera mistakes and how to troubleshoot them:

1. Placing the Camera Incorrectly

It’s essential to place your camera at the right height and point it in the right direction to get the best photos.

Ideally, you should place the camera on a sturdy tree about 3 feet above the ground to ensure the deer’s entire body gets in the frame. Any lower, and you’ll be mainly looking at their feet. Any higher, and you’ll only get their ears and antlers.

You also need to point the camera in the right direction to prevent sun glare. It’s best to face the camera north or south to avoid angling it toward the rising or setting sun. During the fall and winter months when the sun is farther in the southern sky it’s advised to face the camera north.

2. Using a High-Speed SD Card

High-speed SD cards are not designed for game cameras. When you use them for a game camera, you’ll get poor footage and a shortened battery life. Also, don’t use any of the following of these either: Micro/mini cards, SDXC cards, Ultra capacity or Larger than 32GB.

3. Choosing the Wrong Batteries

You need reliable batteries to ensure your camera works, but not all of them are created equal. Offbrand batteries often have shorter life spans and don’t work as well in electronic devices. Rechargeable AA batteries also work poorly for game cameras because they have a lower voltage.

For optimal battery life, using quality alkaline batteries or lithium batteries made by a trusted brand are the best choice. For Moultrie Mobile Delta cameras we recommend Energizer lithium only. Lithium offers the best performance in the Delta camera. Also, lithium batteries operate better in cold weather and last longer.

What to Check Before Setting up Your Cellular Trail Camera

Sometimes, you may have camera issues because you forgot to adjust a setting. Before you set up your camera, be sure to check:

1. Capture Mode

Confirm your camera is set to take the correct type of footage. If you want a video but the capture mode is set to photo, you’ll only get still shots.

2. Megapixels

Most cameras allow you to choose how many megapixels to take photos in. Higher megapixels mean higher quality images, but they take up more space on your SD card.

3. Time and Date

Set the time and date on your camera to eliminate any guesswork about when deer have shown up.

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