All Blog Posts How Do You Get A Turkey On A Trail Camera?

You can make the most out of turkey hunting season by using a trail camera. While it’s common to use cameras for whitetails, they are also an excellent tool for turkey hunting. Read on to learn how you can use a turkey hunting camera to your advantage.

Can You Use Trail Cameras for Turkey Hunting?

Like deer hunting, being in the right location at the right time makes turkey hunting more successful. Using trail cameras as part of your scouting process can help prepare you for preseason and early season. Once turkey hunting season officially starts, you’ll know where to go.

Trail Camera Placement Tips for Turkey Hunting

Scouting potential roost sites, travel routes, feeding destinations and strut zones can help you monitor turkey behavior and find the perfect spots to place trail cameras. Here are a few tips for turkey hunting camera set up to ensure you use your trail cameras to capture the best footage.

1. Place Cameras at the Right Level

Turkeys are shorter and smaller than other game people track, so it’s vital to place trail cameras at appropriate heights to catch movement. Putting trail cameras at lower levels and in dense areas can help you capture more vivid images. Additionally, having a few higher-level cameras can give you a clearer view of the ground.

2. Position Cameras at Different Sites

When you determine several destinations turkeys frequent, you can place trail cameras at each site. Potential strut zones, landing zones, feeding sites and travel routes are excellent places to set up cameras.

3. Run Multiple Cameras in Each Location

Having multiple cameras in each location will allow you to capture the most images possible, giving you a greater chance of success. Try placing the cameras at different locations around large food plots or agricultural fields to ensure you get the images you need.

How to Scout for Turkeys With Trail Cameras

Setting up turkey hunting trail cameras can help you scout for turkeys when you can’t be there in person. Trail cameras can capture movement in images that you can study later to prepare for hunting. Place cameras in popular turkey gathering areas to gather intel and learn about turkey behavior before the hunting season begins.

Purchase the best trail camera for turkey hunting

Purchase the Best Trail Camera for Turkey Hunting

Moultrie Mobile has the best trail cameras you can use for turkey hunting. We sell cellular trail cameras that blend into their surroundings for a discreet and effective scouting tool. Our trail cameras connect to an app, giving you access to images whenever you need them. Get ahead of the turkey season and buy your trail cameras today.

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