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How to Hide a Trail Camera for Home Security

Many hunters and scouters have realized their trail cameras make great home surveillance options during the off-season and are no longer packing them up in the garage. Others have also recognized the convenient and money-saving option of installing trail cameras around their property instead of purchasing a pricey home security system requiring professional installation.

The advent of cellular trail cameras has contributed to this increasingly popular application. At any time of day, they can alert you to any detected movement immediately through your smartphone since they run on their own data plans.

How to Hide a Trail Camera for Home Security

You’ve decided on installing and using trail cameras around your home for a security option that won’t break the bank. Your next choice is where you’ll place these devices. Ideally, you’ll want to find a spot where your camera can observe a wide area while staying hidden from trespassers.

Here are some of our favorite hiding places for trail cameras for home security:

  • Tree branches and bushes: Just as you would in the wilderness, using foliage and camouflage prints on your camera can be a great way to hide it.
  • Birdcages or birdhouses: No one will look twice at a birdhouse in your yard or a decorative birdcage hanging on your porch or inside your window. These decorative objects can be some of the best options for hiding your trail camera in plain sight. However, the openings in the bird house would need to be large enough for the lens to capture the full image and for the sensor to get triggered by motion.
  • Under ceiling eaves: This area is a common place to hide cameras of any kind, as the devices will be difficult to see unless you’re right at the house with no way to obscure your face.
  • Light posts: For a more extensive view of your property and any surrounding areas, consider mounting your trail camera on a light post. This location can give you a bird’s-eye view of the area and protect both you and your neighbors from trespassing.
  • Fence Post: A metal or wooden fence post can also work as a location to mount a camera.

Explore Trail Cameras at Moultrie Mobile

For a covert trail camera that will keep your home safe, consider Moultrie Mobile’s line of cellular trail cameras. Our no-glow trail cameras are the best choices for your home security system. With an infrared flash invisible to the human eye, your camera can capture clear images at any time of day without alerting potential intruders of your system.

To explore more of the features that make Moultrie Mobile’s cellular trail cameras ideal for home surveillance, check out our website or contact us today. To reach us, you can submit a request online or call us at 844-908-1219. We’re available to help you seven days a week.

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