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It’s hard enough to find trophy whitetails to hunt. It’s even harder to put together a game plan to get within bow range of one during the daylight hours. However, year after year the Last Breath TV team can do just that. Last Breath uses trail cameras to not only find big bucks to hunt but map out each mature buck’s home range and even get within bow range while hunting from the ground!

In Season 2 of Image Autopsy, Last Breath’s Garrett Boelkes breaks down how they use up to a dozen trail cameras on a specific property to investigate the 24/7 patterns of these monster bucks. With this detailed intel, they lay a game plan that uses the most recent information from cell cameras, wind direction, weather, and individual tendencies to position themselves within bow range of 5 different trophy bucks. Each episode reveals the trail-cam tactics they used to get the job done and then shows each heart-thumping hunt unfold.

Check out these teasers below to get a taste of the action delivered in each video. Click here to watch the full episodes of Moultrie Mobile’s Image Autopsy: Season 2.

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