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How to Keep Your Trail Camera From Being Stolen

As high-tech trail cameras become the norm for hunters and scouters, the number of thefts also rises. Potential thieves know many hunters use these cameras because hunters are often away from their hunting areas for a while. That makes a trail camera the perfect choice for low-risk stealing. This factor also means it may take you some time to realize your trail camera was stolen, giving thieves plenty of time to get away with the act.

Can Game Cameras Be Tracked?

While most trail cameras do not have built-in tracking capabilities, you can use some add-ons if you want your camera to be GPS-equipped. The cheapest option is to invest in a security box or an outdoor decal stating your camera is GPS-enabled. Although a decal does not actually provide GPS capability, potential thieves won’t know the difference, and it might be the right deterrent to ward them off.

Alternatively, there are many options for small GPS tracking devices you can attach to your trail camera. If you connect them securely, you should know where your trail camera is at all times.

What to Do If Your Trail Camera Is Stolen

If your trail camera is stolen, it can be challenging to get it back in your hands. Before you even set your camera up outside, follow some of these guidelines to ensure the best possible outcome if the worst does happen:

  • Know your device’s serial number and identification information: Providing this information to local law enforcement and even wilderness supply stores means people will know your camera belongs to you if it shows up nearby.
  • Carve your name and contact information into the camera: You can also do this with a marker, but etching information onto the device itself ensures it can’t be cleaned off or removed easily.
  • Camouflage your camera and mount it high: Thieves can’t steal what they can’t see. By obscuring your camera with camouflage skin and artificial leaves and placing it above eye level, others are less likely to notice your device is out there at all.

Secure Your Camera With Moultrie Mobile

If you really want to secure your cellular camera, then check out these steel security boxes for Moultrie Mobile cameras. Not only do they deter thieves from running off with your camera, but they will keep large critters like bears from destroying it as well.

To keep your camera where it needs to be, also consider the Python Adjustable Locking Cable. This pick-resistant and adjustable braided steel cord will keep your camera tightly in place and out of the hands of thieves, even when you can’t be there to check on it.

To learn more about securing trail cameras, connect with Moultrie Mobile online or by calling 844-908-1219. Our team is available seven days a week to get you answers when you need them.

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