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The Benefits of Cellular Trail Cameras

Upgrading to a cellular trail camera can make all the difference. With a battery life of nearly three months and a wide detection range, Moultrie Mobile cameras are already a no-brainer. Below are just a few more of the features our cameras will provide for you.

Access to Images Anywhere, Anytime

The ease of accessibility is one of the biggest advantages of using a Moultrie Mobile camera. After you install your new cellular trail camera, you’ll have 24/7 access to any images and videos captured via the Moultrie Mobile app. This app will alert you of any new images. It also features image recognition software that can identify bucks, does, turkeys and people.

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Captured by: 📸 @cturner38

Reliable Cellular Data

Moultrie Mobile cameras use a cellular data plan to deliver images from the field to your smart phone or computer. No matter how far away you live, your trail camera will have a reliable connection if there is cellular service in the area. You’ll also be able to update your camera settings remotely via your smartphone or computer.

Choose from Verizon and AT&T and a range of service options to get the images you need without extra charges.

Captured by: 📸 @wyatttodd13

High-Resolution Images

Our cameras’ resolutions range from 16 to 32MP. You can capture detailed, realistic images day and night.

Our trail cams have quick trigger speeds, too. With even our slowest trigger speeds well under one second, you’ll be able to capture even the fastest of animals with more detail and less blur.

Captured by: 📸 @conradpitsch21


Captured by: 📸 @theblakegarrett

Invisible Flash

We know how important it is to leave your scouting area undisturbed. That’s why our cameras use an infrared flash, which is invisible to people and animals alike. As a result, you can get bright, clear pictures no matter what time of day it is without scaring off your game.

Captured by: 📸 @thegame_365

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If you’re ready to upgrade your hunting or scouting game, join the Moultrie Mobile family today. You can explore our cellular trail camera options online. For more information, call us at 844-908-1219 or submit a request online today or follow us on social:

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