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Last-Minute Gifts for Hunters

Christmas is just around the corner, and the clock is ticking down for last-minute shoppers. Hunters can be difficult to shop for, especially when you don’t share the same hobbies and interests.

Hunters appreciate useful tools that improve efficiency, provide comfort and have a clear purpose. Our list of the best gift ideas for the hunter in your life will provide all the information you need to knock your holiday shopping out of the park this year.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Hunters

Hunting gifts come in all sizes, with options to match every budget. From small stocking stuffers to secret Santa presents, you’ll find the perfect gift to share this season with minimal time and effort.


While small and seemingly simple, hunting hats are proof that it’s the thought that counts when giving gifts. When tracking and hunting for hours in the cold, a good hat will help prevent frostbite, minimize shivering and keep your loved one warmer for longer while they’re on the trails. Beanie caps and hats with ear flaps are a great idea for hunters living in cold regions, as the extra fabric and flexible design can keep their ears warmer and safer from the cold.


Practical and fashionable, boots are a great present for anyone who spends most of their free time outside. A quality pair of hunting boots provides the necessary coverage to protect your hunter wherever they go. Hunting boots are typically water-resistant or waterproof, so your loved one’s feet will stay warm and dry regardless of the weather. High-quality outdoor boots also have excellent traction, which will prevent falling and sliding on tricky terrain.

A Personalized Hunting Knife

A set of brand-new hunting knives is a thoughtful and practical gift for hunters, and adding an engraving to the blade or handle is a special touch that will mean even more.

The purpose of a hunting knife is field dressing — processing the animal’s meat. A multipurpose hunting knife makes a useful tool for camping, backpacking and surviving. If you want to gift a blade, ensure that it is sharp, sturdy and long enough to match the size of the game they typically hunt.

A Trail Camera

One of the best gift ideas for hunting game is an advanced trail camera with all the bells and whistles. Anyone who has been hunting for more than a few years can tell you the value of a high-definition trail camera. Additional features, like low-light and motion-sensing abilities, will also prove invaluable for a hunter.

Many of today’s top trail cameras for hunting automatically connect to multiple major U.S. networks for complete wireless coverage no matter where your hunter roams. Some models also have features like built-in memory, extended months of battery life, weather mapping and scouting area tracking, all controllable from a phone.

Outdoors Backpack

Hunters need a reliable and durable backpack to transport their gear as they trek through the wilderness. When it comes to great gift ideas for a hunter, you can’t go wrong with a large backpack. However, if you’re not a fellow outdoor enthusiast, you may not know what features make for a high-quality backpack.

Look for a bag that is moisture-resistant and has several extra pockets, adjustable straps and a reinforced bottom. Many outdoor retailers offer specific backpacks for hunting with extra compartments and straps for knives and gear.

Stocking Stuffer Christmas Gifts for a Hunter

Stocking Stuffer Christmas Gifts For A Hunter

Small gifts can make all the difference, especially out in the cold during peak hunting season. These stocking stuffers will help you spread a little Christmas cheer with gifts that are as useful as they are thoughtful:

  • Hand warmers: Fingers and toes are the first to freeze when stalking prey. Hand warmers, whether disposable or rechargeable, will come in handy and be appreciated.
  • Fire starters: If your hunter loves to make their trips into an extended camping experience, fire starters will turn the bleakest winter night into a cozy campout. Even novice hunters will recognize the value of a pack of emergency fire starters.
  • Multitool: You can find a dozen variations of multipurpose tools, and every one of them will help your hunter as they venture into the wilderness and beyond. Some notable types to look for include scissors, wire cutters, screwdrivers, saws, can openers, pliers, dining utensils and emergency whistles.
  • Headlamp: Every hunter needs a headlamp. The best ones are not only bright with great reach but can also change to red, blue or green to avoid disturbing animals at night.
  • Ear plugs: Most hunters will wear ear muffs or plugs while at the shooting range. However, ear damage can happen at any time while hunting and hunters don’t want to worry about messing with protective gear when their prey is in sight. Ear plugs are a small gift with a big impact.

Where to Find Last-Minute Gifts for Hunters

Now that you know exactly what you want to give your favorite hunter, it’s time to find it before the Christmas clock runs out. Here are the best places to buy your last-minute gift:

Online Retailers

If you still have a few days or weeks before you need your gift, you can count on an online retailer to fulfill your order in time. However, when you rely on a virtual store to get your gift right, you don’t want to take any chances.

Before you place your order, make sure you check the retailer’s reviews and sourcing. Research the best brands for the gift you’re buying and the retailer’s shipping process to ensure you’ll get it in a timely manner.

Subscription-Based Services

Subscription services are the gift that keeps on giving. And the best part? There are options for every budget and personal preference.

Audiobooks and music streaming services will occupy a hunter’s time as they track and hunt. For early risers, coffee samples will get them ready for a day of hunting. Magazines about the sport they love, sauces to flavor their latest kill and packets of jerky samples are all great ideas available as giftable subscriptions.

Hunting Retailers

You can always count on the experts to deliver quality, style and accurate recommendations. Any hunting or outdoor lifestyle store will have any supplies you need in stock and can even help you find additional gifts that will perfectly complement each other. Plus, you’re guaranteed to have the gift in hand when you walk out the door.

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