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Moultrie Cellular Trail Camera Reviews

Trail cameras of the past meant managing SD cards with limited space, poor photo quality and endless wasted storage thanks to false triggers. Fortunately, these are all things of the past due to modern technology. Today’s cellular trail cameras are fast and efficient, capturing high-quality photos with advanced image recognition and automatic cloud storage.

Whether you’re planning your next hunt or tracking wildlife patterns, here is what you need to know about trail cameras, including our picks for the top models available today.

How to Choose a Cellular Trail Camera

Trail camera manufacturers have made monumental strides in trail cam technology over the past few decades, producing high-quality cameras with advanced features and technologies. One of the most significant improvements in this era of trail camera development is the cellular camera.

Cellular trail cameras operate through a cellular carrier network to capture and deliver images to your cellphone, eliminating the need to retrieve SD cards manually.

Carrier Network

Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are the three primary cellular coverage providers in the United States. Each one boasts an extensive coverage map. You should choose the one with the best coverage option in your trail camera’s location. Keep in mind that your trail camera carrier network and cellphone carrier network are not connected and do not have to be the same.

To get the most out of your network signal, follow these tips:

  • Choose the right place: Avoid placing your trail camera near any natural obstructions, like mountains, trees, dense foliage or deep valleys, so you can get the fastest image transfer speeds possible.
  • Keep an eye on the weather: If you’re having trouble retrieving an image, check the weather! Storms, fog, solar flares and cloud cover can all interrupt your network signal.
  • Upload photos regularly: Sometimes, dips in coverage are unavoidable due to reasons beyond your control. Upload your images regularly so you have the most up-to-date information when you need it.
  • Monitor battery life: Keep a record of each trail camera’s battery life and expectancy, including what batteries it takes, how long they will likely last and what the estimated replacement date is. Consider investing in a rechargeable battery box or solar-powered battery for easier management.

Data Plans

Aside from coverage and reception, the most important factor to consider when choosing a cellular trail camera is what data plan it’s compatible with. Your data plan will determine the number of images you receive each month, the quality of those images and other features or add-ons. Some trail camera plan providers calculate data plans by the amount of data consumed, while others go by the number of images transferred each month. Most plans allow you to pay monthly or annually.

When considering a data plan, ask the following questions:

  • How many images does the data plan include?
  • Can you have more than one device on the data plan?
  • Is there an option to add additional images to your plan if needed?
  • What features and add-ons are available?
  • Does the data plan include high-resolution videos and images?
  • Does the data plan require a contract?

Flexibility, convenience and affordability are why many of our customers choose Moultrie Mobile, and these are essential characteristics of a good data plan. With our plans, you can remotely check your cameras’ status and change your settings as needed. All plans are contract-free and include regular system updates for new features as they come. You can even change your plan and add a new camera at any time.

Moultrie Mobile has plans to fit any budget and accommodates a range of trail camera needs:

  • The Monitor plan includes 100 images each month.
  • The Standard plan includes 1,000 images each month.
  • The Large plan includes 1,500 images each month.
  • The Unlimited plan includes unlimited images for one camera each month.
  • The Pro Series Unlimited plan includes unlimited images for two or more cameras each month.

No matter which plan is right for you, you never have to worry about hidden fees, fine print or contracts — and adding additional images is simple!


How will your cellular trail camera send images to you? Some rely on email or text message transfer, while others use smartphone app integration. Apps often include additional features to enhance your experience and help you get the most from your investment.

For example, the Moultrie Mobile app includes:

  • Unlimited cloud storage: No matter which data plan you choose, your cellular camera will store your images in a secure cloud storage system so you can access them anytime you need to.
  • Advanced image recognition: Advanced image recognition analyzes and tags your cell cam images as either deer, turkey, people or vehicles, so you can save time and find the photos that matter.
  • High-resolution downloads: Moultrie Mobile has real-time high-resolution photos and the option to download high-definition versions of your images on demand.
  • Custom notifications: Change your app settings and customize your notifications to know when your camera detects activity.

Antenna Design

Cellular trail cameras rely on antennas to establish network connections and send images across distances. A trail camera antenna needs to be subtle and compact but strong enough to withstand wildlife and the elements. Moultrie Mobile uses dual internal antennas that stand up to their surroundings and will avoid damage if chewed by varmints.


Moultrie Mobile Reviews

Moultrie Mobile leads the industry with fast, innovative cellular trail camera features and convenient app connectivity. Every image your Moultrie camera captures includes an info strip with important data, like the time, date, temperature, moon phase and name of your camera.

Learn more about our products with these Moultrie Mobile trail camera reviews and find a camera to fit your needs:

1. Moultrie Mobile Delta Cellular Trail Camera – AT&T and Verizon

Moultrie Mobile’s Delta series is the newest cellular trail camera. Compatible to operate with both AT&T and Verizon networks, you can connect to your trail camera with fast 4G LTE. Expect some of the industry’s best features and technology additions that will surely impress with this series.

Users will appreciate the impressive performance and high-quality photos and videos that will enhance your hunting, scouting, photography and security experience. If this versatile and feature-packed camera sounds like a product you’re interested in, take a look at all of the aspects that make it one of the best in the industry:

  • Pictures and video: The Moultrie Mobile Delta series trail camera offers industry-first HDR images and HD videos delivered right to your phone. The photos and videos are of excellent quality when shot in the daytime and nighttime, thanks to the 32-megapixel resolution and the Illumini-Night 3 camera sensor.
  • Performance: The Delta series is built to use less power while capturing photos and videos in the wild. Its operating process and long battery life allow this trail camera to operate around 50% longer than previous models. This improved battery life means you can make fewer trips to your camera’s location to change the batteries.
  • Features: The features of the Moultrie Mobile Delta series trail camera make this camera stand out among the competition. This trail camera includes a built-in GPS system for easy camera location, a new CellBoost Antenna for a strong signal, an adaptive trigger to help capture only valuable photos and an 80-foot invisible flash range for clear night images and video.
  • Network coverage: Customers have the option to purchase a Delta trail camera with AT&T or Verizon network connectivity. Both options offer coast-to-coast coverage and the ability to send media directly to your phone or computer.

Moultrie game cam reviews for the Delta series rave about the innovative features and performance this product offers. The quality design of the camera allows the product to be secure on many structures and blend in with its outdoor surroundings. Check out some of the reviews that customers have sent about the Moultrie Mobile Delta series trail camera:

  • “Great product, works as advertised, has very good signal strength. The camera is easy to set up and has great features my other companies charge extra for.” – Jonathan G.
  • “Great products and amazing customer service! Highly recommend.” – Adam H.
  • “Simple set up and operation, great features and design, excellent price.” – Neil L.
  • “I love them they take great pictures and send them right to my phone.” – Patrick O.

Is the Moultrie Mobile Delta cellular trail camera the product for you? Check out both the AT&T Delta series trail camera and the Verizon Delta series trail camera and learn more about the product.

2. Moultrie XV-6000i Cellular Trail Camera Kit

The Moultrie XV-6000i cellular trail camera captures quality images and sends them straight to your phone or computer with cellular connectivity. This is a versatile cellular trail camera that works best with Verizon’s extensive 4G network. Our customers appreciate the impressive features and performance abilities that this camera offers.

Check out the aspects and benefits of the XV-6000i and see why customers boast about the product:

  • Picture and video: You’ll notice clear 16-megapixel images with a lightning-fast 0.9-second trigger speed, so you can capture the most valuable footage for scouting. Set Detection Delay for up to five minutes to free up space and eliminate repetitive thumbnails. Customers can expect great images and videos with a 70-foot flash range, an 80-foot directional range and excellent bright- and low-light capabilities. Your trail camera captures HD video footage, so you can track patterns and movement around the location of your trail camera.
  • Performance: The XV-6000i trail camera comes with a few different power options. You can choose between 12 AA battery power, a rechargeable Moultrie Camera Battery Box or PowerPanel solar energy to power the camera.
  • Features: The XV-6000i includes two capture modes, which allow you to capture either one photo when motion is detected or three back-to-back photos. The camera includes an Illumni-Night sensor and 24 extended-range LED bulbs for clear photos.

Customers have great things to say about the Moultrie XV-6000i cellular trail camera kit. Check out the Moultrie cellular camera reviews that customers posted about the product:

  • “…Extremely satisfied with quality of pictures and battery life. I love seeing the battery power level on my phone. Lets me minimize trips to the location.” – Herbert B.
  • “Works great, easy to use.” – Terry W.
  • “…I’ve enjoyed them very much. Battery life is excellent, the pictures are really good and trigger time is excellent.” – Joel S.

Want to learn more about this trail camera? Check out the Moultrie XV-6000i cellular trail camera and see if it’s the option for you.

3. Moultrie XA-6000i Cellular Trail Camera Kit

The Moultrie XA-6000i is a quality cellular trail camera that pairs well with the AT&T 4G network. The XA-6000i model includes appealing features and performance abilities that customers look for in a trail camera.

If you’re looking for a versatile trail camera with high-resolution media capabilities, check out everything the XA-6000i has to offer:

  • Picture and video: The XA-6000i takes 16-megapixel images. The camera range extends 80 feet, while the flash extends 70 feet around your camera. Our built-in Detection Delay feature will delay the 0.9-second trigger for up to half an hour once activated, so you can avoid filling your image slots with multiple pictures. The trail camera also captures HD video footage, so you can track animals and their movements in the area. The resolution of the XA-6000i allows for quality photos and videos in the daytime or nighttime.
  • Performance: You have a few power options for the Moultrie XA-6000i trail camera. The camera runs on 12 AA batteries, or you can pair it with a rechargeable Moultrie Camera Battery Box or the Moultrie PowerPanel for solar energy.
  • Features: With 24 extended-range LED bulbs, Illumni-Night sensor and long-range infrared flash technology, you can capture quality footage during the day and night with the XA-6000i. Choose between different capture modes, including one photo per trigger, three triggered photos in a row or three burst photos when motion activated.

Moultrie cellular camera reviews of the XA-6000i mention the quality of its features and how it makes a positive impact on the customer’s experience. The trail camera is simple to operate and remains sturdy on various structures you attach it to for hunting, scouting, photography and security. Check out some of the positive Moultrie cell camera reviews customers posted about the XA-6000i:

  • “Great item and great company” – Walter R.
  • “Love all features and the ability to control from my phone or computer.” – Peggy N.

Is the Moultrie XA-6000i the trail camera for you? Learn more information about the product and see if you’re ready to own this quality trail camera.

Shop Cellular Trail Cameras at Moultrie Mobile

As a hunter, property owner or outdoor enthusiast, your trail camera is one of your most essential investments. Make it count with a cellular trail camera from Moultrie Mobile. When you choose one of our units, you’ll benefit from clear photos and videos and instant cloud storage access for your convenience. All of our trail cameras are compatible with either Verizon or AT&T 4G networks, so you’ll always have coverage when it matters.

Learn more about our affordable data plans and check out more Moultrie Mobile reviews when you find the right cellular trail camera for you!

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