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Moultrie Mobile Releases New Edge Cellular Trail Camera with Auto Connect

For Immediate Release

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (July 25, 2022) — Moultrie Mobile, a leading pioneer in cellular trail cameras and all-in-one remote monitoring systems, today announced the release of its latest cellular trail camera, the Edge. Designed with innovative features that enhance performance and user experience, the Edge is unrivaled in ease of setup and includes built-in memory, flexible power options and an all-new Auto Connect Technology.

With the Edge, customers no longer need to choose a carrier-specific camera to match cellular coverage options for each camera location. Utilizing Auto Connect Technology, the Edge scans for and automatically connects to the strongest network available from several major U.S. cellular carriers with a single SIM card. A new custom antenna also improves connectivity and easily folds away for storage.

An industry-first internal memory system improves reliability by removing complications associated with SD cards, such as incorrect size or configuration, formatting errors and lockups. Customers will also appreciate the cost savings of not having to buy SD cards for each camera. All images and videos are stored on the Moultrie Mobile app for 24/7 access. High-resolution images and video upload to the app as well. The user-friendly interface further simplifies the operation with an on/off switch and a single button press to capture a test image.

“We set out to design the most user-friendly cellular camera ever built,” said Daniel Wilson, General Manager for Moultrie Mobile. “We accomplished this by integrating user feedback and new technology to rethink the entire user experience. The result is a camera that’s packed with innovative features that makes it the easiest cellular camera to set up and use.”

The Edge boasts flexible power options, operating in 8 or 16 AA configurations (alkaline or lithium) for extended battery life, or it’s compatible with Moultrie 12v external power accessories. Additionally, it will be compatible with the upcoming all-new solar panel and rechargeable battery pack from Moultrie Mobile that will insert directly into the camera and replace the AA battery tray entirely.

Designed to capture the whole story, the Edge features an expanded 40-degree field of view and enhanced trigger for greater accuracy out to 80 feet. With 33MP images and 720p HD video with full audio, it has the resolution needed to capture precise details while an upgraded LED array provides significantly improved night imaging capabilities. Images and video are then transmitted to the industry-leading Moultrie Mobile app that offers notifications with real-time alerts, species recognition, game activity charting, unlimited cloud storage, weather information, maps and many more advanced features that customers are never charged extra for.

“The Edge wasn’t just about creating a user-friendly experience,” Wilson added. “We reset the standard for trail camera image quality with enhanced performance that users can always rely on for high-quality images and videos.”

With an everyday MSRP of $99.99, the Edge is a feature-rich cellular camera that pairs with the Moultrie Mobile app to offer unmatched performance at an exceptional value. To learn more, visit or download and demo the Moultrie Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play for free today.

The Moultrie Mobile app features:

  • Unlimited plans as low as $7.99 per month when adding multiple cameras to a single Pro Series plan
  • Annual plans offer more dollar savings for year-round power users
  • Free unlimited cloud storage — no purging of images after 30 days
  • Activity Charting lets you see which camera locations have the highest traffic for bucks, does, and turkeys based on the time of day, temperature, and moon phase
  • Species recognition (buck, doe, turkey, coyote, hog, bear, bobcat, person, and vehicle with SmartTags for advanced image filtering and customized alerts
  • Maps for hunt planning and property management
  • Weather Forecast designed for hunters, with hourly and daily forecasts providing all the data points you need as you head to the field
  • All advanced features are free for all users without upcharges or extra club membership fees

About Moultrie Mobile

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Moultrie Mobile is a rapidly-scaling software and connected hardware platform used by hunters, property owners, and others for real-time remote monitoring. Moultrie Mobile is a business unit of PRADCO Outdoor Brands. PRADCO’s hunting brands include Moultrie, Whitetail Institute, Texas Hunter, Summit, Knight & Hale and Code Blue. PRADCO Fishing manufactures and markets products for freshwater and saltwater anglers under 20+ brands including Rebel, YUM, Booyah, War Eagle Custom Lures, Lindy and Bomber.

Click here to download press release (PDF)

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