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Our Favorite Venison Recipe: Steak Roll-Ups

We wanted to share one of our favorite recipes compliments of Mark Olis, lifelong hunter and Moultrie Mobile Content Manager. This recipe is a family favorite and one of the rewards he loves to cook up after a successful season. Round steaks are an excellent choice to use, as well as cube steaks and even the coveted backstrap, if looking for a different way to prepare.


  • 3-4 Round Steak
  • Your favorite steak seasonings
  • 2-3 fresh whole jalapeños
  • Cream Cheese
  • Bacon


  1. Using a meat mallet and cutting board, hammer both sides of the steak out until it’s thin. Resist the urge to pound so thin as to tear holes in it. (Tip: Place plastic wrap over meat to cut down on any cleanup from meat splatter.) If using cubed venison for this recipe, skip step 1.
  2. Lay steak flat on cutting board and spread a liberal dose of cream cheese on the top side of the steak. (Tip: Place cream cheese in a microwave safe dish and nuke it for 10 to 12 seconds or until soft. This will make it much easier to spread.)
  3. Now, season over the top of the cream cheese-covered steak with your favorite steak seasonings. Any blackening season, seasoned salt, and garlic blend work well.

  1. Slice a large jalapeño longways into four sections. Remove ribs and seeds of the pepper for less spice. Lay one to two slices across the steak at either end. If jalapeños aren’t your thing, then substitute with bell pepper or no peppers at all.
  2. Begin rolling the steak up from the jalapeño end so that the pepper is completely rolled up. Once the entire steak is rolled up, then it’s time to wrap it in bacon. Then, use a toothpick or skewer to pin the bacon closed. (Tip: For crispier bacon, precook the bacon partially and then wrap around steak roll up so that venison won’t overcook, but the bacon finishes crisp.)
  3. Place on a hot grill, and cover with lid. Let it cook for three to four minutes, then flip it over for another two to three minutes and pull from grill. Venison is best served medium rare to medium. The cream cheese adds moisture to the finished product.

Using a steak knife slice off bite-size sections of the roll-up and enjoy!

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