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Hunting season can be a rewarding time for you when pursuing deer and spending time outdoors in nature. Your hunting successes depend heavily on the equipment you use, and high-quality trail cameras are a worthy investment for hunting.

Can You Leave Trail Cameras Out Year-Round?

Leaving your trail cameras out throughout the year actually increases your knowledge of the game you hunt. You may find it unnecessary to keep your trail cameras on during the off-season, but it’s during the offseason that you learn a lot about wildlife where you hunt.

Benefits of Running Your Trail Camera Year-Round

Using your trail camera to take in the sights of your hunting ground when you’re not actively hunting allows you to do the following:

Manage Your Land and Ecosystem

Gain a better understanding of the land when you’re not actively on it by leaving your cameras out during the off-season. You’ll see which food sources deer move to during the spring and summer as well as if you have major predator issues during the fawning season and so much more.

Capture Nature Photos Throughout the Year

Capture Nature Photos Throughout the Year

Your trail camera will take scenic photos of your hunting ground when you’re not there to do it yourself. Leave it out to take pictures of the wildlife and other features on your land.

Account for Potential Human Intruders

Keep an eye on your land with your trail camera when you’re not there so you can monitor any trespassers or intruders. You’ll gather photographic evidence to use when dealing with these intruders and create a watertight case in your favor. Plus, cellular cameras can send you notifications to your phone in real-time.

Spot Predators

You can use your trail camera to evaluate the number of predators on your land and determine if you should try predator hunting or trapping.

Shed Hunt and Check Fawn Recruitment

Trail cameras are great for spotting any deer shedding. You can see when bucks are shedding so you know when to hit the field to find them. Trail cameras also help you see the number of fawns in the herd before hunting season starts.

Tips for Running Your Trail Camera Year-Round

A good tip to remember for using your trail camera is to plan its proximity to the deer on your property. During the off-season, place the camera closer to their food sources to get a good pics.

Use Moultrie Trail Cameras to Help Your Hunting

We at Moultrie Mobile want your hunt to go successfully season after season. Our subscriptions offer you a best-in-class cellular trail camera and app to capture high-resolution images of your property to help you stay ahead. Browse our range of cameras for your best hunt today.

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