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Top 5 Edge Questions Answered

1. What is Auto Connect?

Auto Connect technology detects and connects to the strongest signal from multiple nationwide cell carriers, giving you reliable camera performance in remote areas. No specific network required.

2.Why do I no longer need a SD card?

Edge has built-in memory and automatically uploads all photos and videos to the cloud where they can be viewed and downloaded anytime via the Moultrie Mobile app. No SD card needed.

3. So, let’s talk set-up. How easy is it? 

The process is quicker than ever. Within the Moultrie Mobile app:

  1.  Set up your account
  2. Scan the QR code to add the camera to your account
  3.  Add batteries
  4. Turn it on and watch the images roll in.

It’s really that simple.

4. How’s the battery life? 

Edge’s improved power efficiency means you get more life out of 8 AA batteries. And, the double-capacity tray allows you to install 16 AA batteries for even longer run times  – up to 12 months. Also, here’s some other useful tips to stay connected.

5. Can I add Edge to my current plan?

Yes! Once the Edge is activated, simply select an existing plan as your plan preference within the Moultrie Mobile app to start capturing images in seconds.

Need some activation tips?

Watch our How-To video to be up and running in no-time.

Ready to own Edge, the latest in cellular camera technology? Find out where to get yours today.

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