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Moultrie Mobile is constantly improving and pushing innovation forward in its pursuit to be the one-stop app for hunters. Adding to its impressive list of features and functions, Moultrie Mobile recently released Weather functionality on its app.

The Moultrie Mobile app allows hunters to view real-time trail camera images from the field on their phone. Now, subscribers can track weather from the Moultrie Mobile app as well. With three easy-to-view tabs, hunters can obtain all the weather info they need to plan a successful hunt.

Using the “Now” tab will show users the current temperature, hi and low temps for the day, sunrise and sunset times (to easily track legal shooting hours), wind direction and speed, moon phase, chance of precipitation, barometric pressure, humidity and more.

To quickly plan for the next hunt, click on the “Hourly” tab to see temps, wind direction arrows, precipitation chances, and pressure readings in hourly increments. Then, simply switch to the “Daily” tab to see the forecast for the next two weeks.

Moultrie Mobile users now have all the info they need in one app to confidently choose the best stands to hunt: real-time trail camera images; interactive maps with stand, feeding and bedding locations pinned; and now wind direction info to keep from alerting game with human scent during entry, exit and while hunting.

The Weather feature is just the latest addition to Moultrie Mobile’s robust scouting platform. The innovation never stops, and the Moultrie Mobile team is constantly listening to its customers and pushing development of newer and better tools to help hunters be more successful.

The Moultrie Mobile app also features:

  • Unlimited plans as low as $7.99 per month
  • Activity Charting lets you see which camera locations have the highest traffic for bucks, does, and turkeys, based on the time of day, temperature, and moon phase
  • Annual plans offer more dollar savings for year-round power-users
  • Free unlimited cloud storage — no purging of images after 30 days
  • Free species recognition (buck, doe, turkey, person, vehicle) with SmartTags for advanced image filtering and alerts
  • Free Interactive Maps for hunt planning and property management
  • New features launching soon include expanded species recognition

Please update your app to access this new feature. Weather feature is only available in-app.

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