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What Are External Power Packs for Trail Cameras?

Few things are more disappointing than checking your trail camera after a month of waiting to see what images it’s captured only to discover a dead battery has prevented it from working for the last three weeks. Still, this is a common issue among people who use trail cameras to scout locations far from where they live.

If you’ve experienced this problem, you’ve likely considered investing in an external power pack. This post is your sign to do so!

Solar Panel vs. Camera Battery Boxes

When researching the kind of external power source to use for your trail camera, you’ll find the two most popular options are solar power packs and battery power packs.

Battery power packs extend the life of your batteries by months. These packs include an internal charger that connects to the trail camera batteries and keeps them charged for much longer than they would be on their own. The packs will eventually require their own charging, but you can easily do this whenever you check your trail camera for other reasons, like hunting or cleaning debris from your camera’s view.

With solar power packs, you have a near-infinite energy source for recharging your camera’s batteries. As long as the area you mount the power pack in gets consistent sunlight, you might not need to change your batteries for years. Even though you’ll likely want to check your camera more often than that, changing batteries will be one less thing you have to do — meaning you can leave the area more quickly and with fewer disturbances to nearby wildlife.


Benefits of External Power Packs

The main benefit of using an external power pack is the added longevity to your trail camera’s battery life. Connecting a solar panel or camera battery box to your trail camera means you can leave your camera unattended for months without worrying that it died and stopped capturing images after a couple of weeks.

Although an external power pack’s upfront cost is more expensive than buying replacement batteries, a reusable energy source will save you money over time and reduce the frequency with which you’d need to replace your batteries.

Purchase Moultrie Mobile External Power Packs

Whichever kind of external power pack you use with your cellular trail camera, Moultrie Mobile has an option for you. We designed our solar- and battery-powered boxes to withstand the elements and continue functioning no matter the conditions. Explore our website today to learn more about our cellular trail cameras and external power options.

Feel free to contact us online or call us at 844-908-1219 with any questions. Our team is available seven days a week to help you get the new camera you’re searching for.

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