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What Are Smart Tags and How Do You Use Them?

Smart Tags is the name for Moultrie Mobile’s advanced species-recognition software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically apply tags to images that have a deer, buck, doe, turkey, person, or vehicle in it. Just released on the app are four new species that can be detected as well: bear, bobcat, coyote and hog. Unlike some apps, this innovative technology is free to all Moultrie Mobile users. Smart Tags can be used several different ways for scouting and security. Below is a rundown of how you can take advantage of Smart Tags.

Quickly Scan Through Images

For subscribers who run multiple Moultrie Mobile cellular cameras, using the Smart Tags filter is a great way to bypass images you don’t care about. For example, if you’re only interested in seeing pictures of bucks on camera, then click the “Buck” Smart Tag filter option and you’ll only see images of bucks caught on camera. This saves a lot of time when your app fills up with images of does and raccoons. Or if it’s turkey season and you only want to see pictures of turkeys, then click the “Turkey” Smart Tag to quickly see if a gobbler has been in your hunting area.

Get Species-Specific Notifications

Smart Tags also allow you to get species-specific notifications on your phone from all your cameras or individual cameras. That way you can receive an alert whenever one of your target Smart Tags species is captured on camera or cameras. To enable this feature, go to Notifications and scroll to the bottom and select the Smart Tag or Tags you want to be notified with. If setting up a notification for an individual camera, then first click on the “Notifications Per Device” tab and select the specific camera you want and then scroll down to select the Smart Tags desired.

Smart Tags For Security

While Smart Tags are a great way to scan for bucks and gobblers, it works equally as well for security purposes at remote properties or other locations where power and internet connections are limited or nonexistent. If a Moultrie Mobile trail camera image is uploaded to the cloud with a person or vehicle in it, AI software will automatically tag that image with the appropriate Smart Tag. Just like species-specific notifications, you can have all your cameras or specific one’s setup to alert your phone the instant a person or vehicle is detected. To catch a trespasser in real-time, be sure you have those cameras set to “Immediate Upload” so that you can alert authorities right away. The setup for this feature is the same as species-specific notifications above.

Make Smart Tags Smarter?

Not only is Smart Tags a game-changing technology, but each Moultrie Mobile subscriber can help make it function even better. When looking at an individual image, click the “Details” tab to see what Smart Tag was applied. Directly under that it asks, “Smart Tags Correct?” If the Smart Tag is wrong, then click “No” and it will help train the system to be even more accurate in the future. This is especially important for the new Smart Tags (Bear, Bobcat, Coyote and Hog) that were just released. You’ll notice the word “beta” next to these new tags because they are still in the test phase where the system is learning to be more accurate. It’s important for as many Moultrie Mobile subscribers as possible to check the Smart Tags for these animals and click “No” if the tag is wrong. Once enough users have done so, then these tags can move out of the beta phase and be used with extreme accuracy for your scouting needs.

Smart Tags are just one of the many advanced features that makes Moultrie Mobile the best scouting platform available. So, next time you log into your account, look for these new Smart Tags and help make the system even better for the entire Moultrie Mobile family.

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