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What Is Firmware and Why is it Important?

Game cameras are truly one of those revolutionary products that changed the way hunters scout and hunt. Game cameras give hunters 24/7 surveillance in the woods without disturbing wildlife. When an animal walks in front of a game camera a picture is taken. With cellular game cameras, not only is an image captured but it is then sent via a cellular signal to a cloud-based server where the user can view the images 24/7 via a free app. While this all seems like an easy-enough task, there is a lot going on inside the camera to make this happen.

That’s where firmware comes into play. Firmware is a piece of software that tells the camera what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Without firmware, your camera would just sit there and do nothing. At Moultrie Mobile, our team is constantly striving to create new and better products for our customers. Through firmware, our engineers can make existing cameras operate better and take better quality photos. So, whenever there is a firmware update for a specific camera model, it’s important to get the new software uploaded right away.

With regular trail cameras, this is a manual process. The user must first download the firmware from the website, load it onto an SD card, insert the SD card into the camera, and then download the firmware to the camera. With a Moultrie Mobile cellular game camera, the user doesn’t do a thing. The new firmware is launched by the Moultrie Mobile team and sent via cellular service and automatically uploaded to the camera. Once the camera takes the new firmware update, its performance will be enhanced right away.

From time to time, the Moultrie Mobile team will launch firmware updates to fix small issues inside the camera or to enhance photo or video quality, as well as a host of other important tasks. So, if you notice that all the sudden your images look better, are crisper and more colorful, then it’s because your camera received an automatic firmware update.

To see how firmware updates work with your Moultrie Mobile cellular camera, check out this quick video.

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