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EDGE PRO + 3.4W Universal Solar Power Pack Bundle

EDGE PRO + 3.4W Universal Solar Power Pack Bundle


Upgrade your wildlife monitoring game like never before with the EDGE PRO + 3.4W UNIVERSAL SOLAR POWER PACK Bundle. The EDGE PRO is the ultimate trail camera experience, while the SOLAR POWER PACK ensures uninterrupted power for extended periods of time. With powerful and reliable power, you can achieve better results with less effort. This trail camera solar power bundle is perfect for those who want to have an edge in hunting.

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Product Overview

Better Together.

EDGE PRO, the revolutionary cellular trail camera from Moultrie Mobile. With its unparalleled ease of use, cutting-edge features, and industry-leading image quality, EDGE PRO is the next generation of cellular trail cameras that sets a new standard in the industry. Equipped with advanced features such as False Trigger Elimination Technology (FTE), EDGE PRO delivers top-notch performance.

Pair it with the 3.4W UNIVERSAL SOLAR POWER PACK for even better results. This powerful panel provides up to 3x more energy than other models and has a rechargeable battery capacity of 10,000mAh. With its multiple connectors that fit most devices and easy-to-install Flex Mount and Tree Strap, the solar panel is a must-have for those who demand the best.


EDGE PRO Game Camera Specs

The EDGE PRO by Moultrie Mobile introduces the industry’s only False Trigger Elimination (FTE) technology. This reduces non-target species and environmental triggers by up to 99%, extending battery life and giving you greater control over what your camera captures.

  • FTE Technology comprises of two Smart Features in one state-of-the-art trail camera: Smart Capture and Smart Zones.

    • Smart Capture – Industry-first cellular trail camera with on-device Artificial Intelligence that captures only what you want to see – reducing blank images and extending battery life.
    • Smart Zones – Selective triggering based on custom detection zones. Use EDGE PRO’s detection zones to control what areas in the FOV can trigger the camera.
  • Live Aim – A live look at the camera’s field of view via smartphone pairing. Before you walk away, see what the trail camera sees and capture a test image to verify your placement.
  • NYXEL NIR (near infrared) technology enables image sensors that see better and farther in low light while consuming less power.
    EDGE PRO provides dependable connectivity through its Auto Connect technology that automatically identifies and links to the strongest signal available from various nationwide networks.
  • Built-in memory – no SD Card required.
  • Exceptional Image Quality – High-Performance Image Sensor captures sharp 36MP pictures and FHD 1080p video with HD audio, day and night.
  • Faster – 0.5-second trigger speed.
  • Clearer Night Images – Improved IR LED array for more even full-image illumination up to 100ft.
  • Capture More Action – Expanded field of view of 50° for even better coverage.
  • Burst Mode: Yes, up to 3 photos per triggering
  • Fold & Transport Cellboost antenna provides better connectivity and folds for easier transport in and out of the field – no assembly required.
  • Time, date, moon phase, temperature, and camera name stamping on every image.
  • Easy to set up – Scan QR code to activate. Switch it on and you’re READY TO GO.
  • Flexible power options – runs on 8 or 16 AA battery configurations; compatible with solar power accessories (this bundle includes the 3.4W SOLAR PACK) or Moultrie Mobile Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack. All are sold separately.
  • 2-year warranty backed by U.S.-based customer support, available 7 days a week.
  • Available in Mossy Oak Bottomland Camouflage design
  • Dimensions: 5.39″ x 4″ x 3.54″


  • Toggle between 6V and 12V output
  • Automotive-grade sheathed cables
  • IP65 water-resistant design
  • Built-in cable management channel prevents unplugging
  • ¼”-20 mount compatible
  • Up to 60% larger solar panel than standard trail camera solar packs for faster replenishment with improved shade tolerance
  • 10,000mAh built-in rechargeable battery capacity to get you through the cloudy, overcast days



    • Tree Strap
    • Quick Start Guide

    • Connection cable with elbow jacks
    • USB-C charging cable
    • Barrel jack adapter (only needed for some camera brands)
    • Alligator clip adapter (for feeders)
    • Mounting accessories: Flex Mount, Tree Strap, and U-bolt Quick Start Guide



Get everything you need from anywhere with the Moultrie Mobile App – the all-in-one answer to strategically plan your hunt. With this single app, you can receive real-time alerts, access all your land navigation and activity tracking needs, map your hunting property, remotely view your trail camera images and much more.

  • REMOTE SETTINGS: Fine-tune your camera settings from anywhere with the app.
  • SPECIES RECOGNITION: Smart Tag AI analyzes and automatically tags images of deer, turkeys, people, vehicles, and more so you can quickly filter your pictures and set up customized notifications.
  • WEATHER DATA: View the forecast for your hunting location. Designed for hunters, with hourly and daily forecasts providing all the data points you need as you head to the field. Always know where your scent is blowing with wind-direction arrows.
  • HD IMAGES & VIDEO ON DEMAND: Download high-quality photos and videos when you want them, right from your phone.
  • ACTIVITY CHARTING: Know the Best Time to Hunt with Activity Charting. This feature lets you see which camera locations have the highest traffic for bucks, does, turkeys, and more based on the time of day, temperature, and moon phase.
  • GAME PLAN: Forecasts deer movement with trail camera data and weather forecasts for the next nine days. Available with an Unlimited or Pro Subscription.
  • INTERACTIVE MAPS: The all-in-one answer to all your land navigation and activity tracking needs. Base views, Topo Overlays, and over 70 pin types to help you dial in your hunting strategy. An Unlimited or Pro subscription can access even more premium tools, including Property Line overlays with Parcel information.
  • FREE UNLIMITED CLOUD STORAGE: No purging of images after 30 days, even if you cancel your plan.


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