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4 Things to Check Off Your Preseason Hunting Checklist

Preparing for hunting season is a must. With the right equipment, you can maximize your chances of success and improve your game. From clothing to licensing, your preseason routine is as important as your first day in the woods.

Moultrie Mobile can help you get ready. Follow our preseason deer hunting tips for a seamless transition to hunting season.

1. Register Your License and Tag

It seems like a no-brainer, but with all the hustle and bustle leading up to hunting season, don’t forget your hunting license. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has a hunting license page that links to each state. You can click through to purchase your license online.

Many states also require tags for specific big-game species. The regulations vary by state, but they can include animals such as:

  • Deer
  • Bear
  • Elk
  • Antelope

You can typically purchase a hunting license and tag anywhere that sells hunting and fishing equipment. Most licenses must be renewed annually and include a certain number of tags. You can also go online to purchase licenses and tags.

2. Get Familiar With Equipment

For safety, you should be completely comfortable with your hunting equipment. If bowhunting, practice for months leading up to season to be proficient in your skill. If using a treestand, practice climbing it and always have a safety harness on and connect to a secured safety line in case of a fall. While on the hunting trails, you should be aware of your surroundings and equipment. Formal hunter education requirements vary by state, but knowing how to handle your equipment properly will reduce the likelihood of accidents and improve your confidence and shot.

3. Scout the Area

Scouting the hunting area will give insight into game movements and patterns. You will also know what to expect from the area, including covered spots and open spaces. Once you establish your hunting perimeter, you can place trail cameras to watch for deer in the area and scout a buck.


4. Invest in Proper Clothing

Learning what to wear when deer hunting can help you stay comfortable during long days so you can focus on your target. With proper clothing, you can move freely and regulate your body temperature. Your gear will also help you blend in with your surroundings while standing out to other hunters for safety.

Check the weather forecast before your trip so you know what to wear.

Start Your Hunting Season With Quality Trail Cameras

While you’re getting your gear and finishing your deer hunting checklist, make sure to bring some trail cameras along. Moultrie Mobile offers all-in-one cellular trail cameras to help with preseason preparations. Whether this is your first hunting season or one of many, our cameras can help you streamline your scouting process.

Learn more about Moultrie Mobile and get ready for a smooth season.

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