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Hunt More Efficiently with EDGE PRO

Technology has changed everything in our world today, and this is no different for us hunters. The introduction of trail cameras and cell cameras has changed our abilities to scout and hunt our game of choice more efficiently than ever before.

We grew up traveling two hours every weekend from our home state of Ohio to our hunting grounds in Western New York. From that standpoint alone, the addition of cell cameras has helped us strategize throughout the week of where we want to hunt based on the pictures we get and how the deer move during that specific time. As we grew up, we started chasing our passion for hunting and have turned it into a career. Now, we have created a platform allowing us to travel the country and hunt many states throughout the fall. Regardless of whether this is a career or not, there are plenty of hunters out there who want to take advantage of hunting in as many states as they can. We would not be able to effectively and efficiently do this without the help of cell cameras – specifically the Moultrie Mobile EDGE PRO.

Our hunting grounds now stem from Ohio to New York. Tennessee to Kentucky. North Dakota, Wisconsin, and we are adding a new state of Kansas this year. Running trail cameras in all those states would be impossible, wouldn’t it? And cell cameras would be tough to keep track of, right? Actually, it is easy with the Moultrie Mobile EDGE PRO.

This camera has taken trail camera technology to a new level. The Moultrie Mobile EDGE PRO is the first-ever trail camera with AI capabilities for species recognition. This means that you can set the camera only to take pictures of turkeys during turkey season, and it will do it! Or you can set it only to take photos of deer during deer season, and it will do that, too. It can even differentiate between a buck and a doe, so if you only want pictures of bucks, guess what? The Moultrie Mobile EDGE PRO will only take and send you photos of bucks! That is wild, isn’t it?

Species recognition is extremely helpful for a couple of different reasons. Number one, it cuts down the number of photos the camera sends you, saving money on your data plan. It also saves the battery life on your camera, which saves time and money. Let alone the fact that it is so much easier to sift through the photos on the app because you are essentially getting all the photos that you actually want to see, and it will help you determine the areas you hunt.

The Live Aim feature on the Moultrie Mobile EDGE PRO is another excellent feature that helps when setting up these cameras. Now, when setting up a cell camera, instead of waiting to get a picture sent to your phone to ensure the camera view is good, the EDGE PRO allows you to see and adjust the view on your camera right from your Moultrie Mobile App while setting it up. We have run into this many times before when we are setting up a camera, and the service in that area is good enough for the camera to take pictures and send them, but your phone will only receive them later. So you are stuck either waiting a long time for the photo to come through just to ensure your camera view is good enough, or you have to walk out to an area where you get better service, wait for the photo to come in, and then if the camera view is not what you want it to be you have to walk back and adjust it and start the whole process over. That painful step is eliminated with the EDGE PRO’s Live Aim feature.

One of my favorite new features of this camera is the Smart Zone feature. Let’s say you get blank pictures on your cell camera because the grass grew up in front of it and is setting it off with the wind. Or a branch blew down and is dangling in front of your camera, setting it off and sending you a bunch of blank photos. This is burning your camera battery, and it’s also burning up the data on your plan. If you are out of state, or even a couple hour drive from your hunting land, it can be painful to watch a bunch of blank photos coming in, knowing your camera will soon run out of battery power if your data plan doesn’t run out before that.

Now, with the new Moultrie Mobile EDGE PRO, instead of having to go back to that specific camera and trim the grass or cut the dangling branch so you don’t get any more blank photos, you can select different areas of the camera view on the Moultrie Mobile App not to trigger a photo anymore in which case you will no longer get blank photos from that blade of grass or dangling limb. This feature is impressive, especially for those out-of-state spots we have set up where it would take an extended period to get to and fix. Now, with Smart Zones, you can fix this problem right from your Moultrie Mobile App at the snap of a finger. Pretty cool, right?

This camera has changed the way we hunt and make us more efficient in the process. Not only are the new features extremely innovative, but some accessories are also beneficial. We utilize the Universal Solar Panels that connect to the EDGE PRO so that we don’t have to spend time going and changing batteries every couple of months. We also use the Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack, especially when it gets cold, so we don’t have to keep spending money consistently on batteries when running our cameras during cold winter months.

Moultrie Mobile has supplied a complete package of cellular cameras and accessories that have changed the game for us. We spend a lot of time in the field each fall. We like to be successful or at least put ourselves in the best position for success. You can only consistently do that with the help of cell cams, but the Moultrie Mobile EDGE PRO takes it to a whole new level. I am unsure how we hunted from state to state without them, but I am glad we have them in our arsenal now.

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