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Scout Faster With Turkey Smart Tags

Smart Tags is the name for Moultrie Mobile’s advanced species-recognition software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to scan trail camera images for specific species. Smart Tags can detect deer, buck, doe, turkey, person, vehicle, bear, bobcat, coyote, and hog. Unlike some apps, this innovative technology is free to all Moultrie Mobile users. When winter finally transitions into spring, it’s time to switch gears from deer and predator hunting to strutting Toms. Here’s how turkey Smart Tags can help you scout more efficiently.

Only See Turkey Pictures

For subscribers who run multiple Moultrie Mobile cellular cameras, using the Smart Tags filter is a great way to bypass images you don’t care about. If you’re only interested in seeing pictures of turkeys on camera, then click the “Turkey” Smart Tag filter option and you’ll only see images of turkeys caught on camera. This saves a lot of time when your app fills up with images of does and raccoons.

Get Notifications

Smart Tags also allow you to get species-specific notifications on your phone from all your cameras or individual cameras. That way you can receive an alert whenever turkey is captured on camera or cameras. To enable this feature, go to Notifications and scroll to the bottom and select the Turkey Smart Tag and click save. If setting up a notification for an individual camera, then first click on the “Notifications Per Device” tab and select the specific camera you want and then scroll down to select the Smart Tags desired.

Using this free custom tool from Moultrie Mobile can save you time in the field and at home when turkey is the only species you care to see during the spring season.




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