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Why Use Your Cell Cam In The Offseason?

Survivor Inventory

Maybe you got your target buck this season or maybe you didn’t, but it’s never too early to plan for the next season. Keeping your cell cams out over food sources is a great way to take inventory of the bucks that made it through the hunting season. This will give you a head start on which deer to look for next summer when velvet antlers are growing. Plus, in many states where feeding or baiting is illegal during the hunting season, you can now legally put out a food source to draw them in for pictures.

Shed Hunting

There’s no better way to know when the local bucks are dropping their head gear than with a cellular trail camera. Once you start to see antlers falling you know it’s time to hit the woods and river bottoms to find those ivory treasures.

Predator Hunting

The cold months after deer season are an ideal time to be on the lookout for coyotes and other predators. Place your trail cameras in the areas with lots of predator sign to find out when they are going and coming. Then, pick an early morning or late afternoon time to setup and call those pesky predators out into the open and help the next generation of fawns and turkey poults. Cell cams can also be utilized to find great trapping locations.

Turkey Season

Cellular trail cameras are a great tool to track and scout gobblers for the upcoming spring season. Move your cameras to areas frequented by turkeys, such as food plots, agricultural fields, dirt-road straightaways, pond damns, hardwood ridges and more. As spring starts to approach these will be ideal locations to find strutting Toms. You’ll be several steps ahead of the game when spring turkey season starts if you’ve been monitoring the flock with cell cams.


You can transition your Moultrie Mobile cellular trail cams to keep watch over entrance gates, property lines, hunt camps, marinas, RV storage and much more. The Moultrie Mobile system uses artificial intelligence to scan each image for bucks, does, turkey, people, and vehicles. You can set those cameras up to send you an immediate notification if a person or vehicle is captured in an image, giving you time to notify the authorities.

The versatility of cellular trail cameras allows them to be used year-round. There’s no longer a reason to pack up your cameras during the offseason anymore. Put them to work for you this off-season.

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