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What First-Time Cellular Trail Camera Buyers Should Know

What First-Time Cellular Trail Camera Buyers Should Know

Cellular trail cameras are some of the most technologically advanced devices you can use for your wilderness scouting or home surveillance needs. Cellular trail cameras let you keep a discreet, constant watch on your favorite locations without being in the vicinity or disturbing nearby wildlife.

Before you purchase your new cellular trail camera, make sure you understand all the benefits and features it will provide, so you can take advantage of them from the beginning.

Cellular Trail Cameras Need Data Plans

One of the most important features to know about cellular trail cameras is that they need their own data connection. The benefit of this is that, unlike Wi-Fi-enabled trail cameras, you can bring your cellular trail camera deeper into the woods and further away from civilization without losing your signal. As long as you can get a cellular connection wherever you are, you can set up your cellular trail camera there.

Moultrie Mobile’s cellular trail cameras run on tall, major data networks in the country. Choose the network with the best coverage in the area and set your camera up to start receiving high-quality images on your phone.

Cellular Trail Cameras Can Send Pictures to Your Phone

When you’re using a cellular trail camera, you can expect to see results fast. One main benefit of cellular trail cameras over other types is the connectivity with your smartphone and even your laptop, no matter how physically far away from the camera you are. Your cellular trail camera can send any image it captures to a cloud-based system where it can be viewed from your cell phone.

Cellular Trail Cameras Have Invisible Flash Features

Many cellular trail cameras utilize “low glow” infrared flash instead of a bright, white flash. The glow refers to infrared LED lights that slightly glow red when the camera flashes. These low-glow flash cameras offer a bit more flash distance than invisible flash, but they can be seen by humans and animals.

In areas where discretion is key, choose an invisible flash trail camera to get clear images without alerting nearby wildlife or trespassers.

Explore Moultrie Mobile Cellular Trail Cameras

Cellular trail cameras from Moultrie Mobile are considered some of the most reliable models in the game. Your search for the perfect trail camera won’t be complete until you explore our range of options. For more information on our trail cameras and accessories, contact us online or call us at 844-908-1219 today.

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